Few Interesting Facts About Golf

courseGolf is all about having fun and relaxing in a beautiful location with lush greenery. It’s a very slow game and usually preferred by aged people. But at present time people from all age groups are showing interest towards this game. Scotland is said to be the origin of Golf since the Middle age. But, during the later part of 19th century, it is started spreading from UK to the rest of the world. Since then, more and more countries are showing interest towards this royal game. Another interesting fact about Golf is that it is also card game because players want to score less just like in card games. This game is all about sincerity, admiration and values. All the rules are based on these three valuable words only.

Things to Follow for Playing Golf

Playing Golf might seem very easy from a distance. But when you actually hold the club in your hand you will get to know it has lot of rules and techniques to play this interesting game. Some of the basics about Golf are:

· Hold your club firmly for long distance shots and vice versa for a limited distance.

· Put the club face behind the gulf ball and try to analyze your target from your standing position. For long distances never place the club face parallel to the ball.

· Be specific about choosing your club. There is no mandatory rule to go for long club for long distance and short one for final short distance. It all deepens on your compatibility to a specific kind of club you best adjust with.

· Keep your mind cool and concentrate on your ball. Any deviation will result in missing your target by a huge margin.

Quick Tips for a Golf Player

Following are the quick tips that will help you to get your target hole with a minimum score. Follow these tips and you can be assured to get satisfactory result.

· Never take the shot in the first attempt. Do some warm up practice first. Then hold the club and keep swinging the club fast till it touches the edge of the grass. This will give you better perfection.

· Always play with the wind. Never try to hit the ball against the wind as this will divert your ball from the target point.

· Be very careful while going for final sand shot. Make sure to take sufficient time before taking your shot and be careful that the club face does not get too deep into the sand. This will give less acceleration and more resistance to your golf ball.

Golf is turning to be a heavy paid sport in the world. World’s no. 1 gulf player Rory McIlroy at the present date is earning $10.4 million as his salary or winning amount. Apart from this, he is also getting millions of dollars endorsement assignment. The one and only way to become the best Golf player is to be disciplined with etiquette. New generation is now coming up to accept this game as their favorite hobby or as career goal. As such, golf game definitely has a bright and glorious future ahead.


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