A Unique Tip to Try

golf-practice-300wIf you’re an avid golfer like me I’m sure you’ve heard many golf tips over the years.  Some work well while others just suck and make no sense at all.  Recently I stumbled onto what seems obvious but is probably rarely done.  Before explaining the tip, let me explain how I got there..  Like many of us I could use to shed a few pounds, by no means over weight, but with age comes a few pounds it seems.  This lead me to try some weight loss supplements available, things like green coffee bean extract, garcinia cambogia, etc.  None really helped too much though, so I decided to try something a bit stronger.

Enter Synedrex by Metabolic Nutrition.  This product is intense!  I’m not sure what’s in it, but I know what I’ve taken it – the energy and focus from this product is amazing – I find my productivity actually comes up quite a bit!  This is where playing golf comes into play – the added energy and focus seems to bring a boost to my game.  Some may say this isn’t ethical, but there’s nothing illegal in Synedrex.  In my opinion based on that standard drinking Coffee while playing should be consider unethical.  It’s important to keep in mind this product is for weight loss, so if you’re already fit I wouldn’t advise trying this.  If you want more information search online for synedrex by metabolic nutrition.  Plenty of reviews plus the official site should supply all the information you’ll need.  Probably not the safest product to be taking, but definitely effective – I don’t think short term use will cause too many problems.  I suggest trying at your own risk and see what it can do for you!


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